Fluted Baroque Silver Jug Set

  • Complement your joy of festivities with this magnificent Fluted Baroque Silver Jug Set and let magnificence surround your home. 
  • This unparalleled pure silver water jug set is a class in itself and is skillfully handcrafted by adept craftsmen at Belirams having a presence in the industry for over 30+ years. Get it tailored to your specifications and requirements as we exclusively care for your satisfaction.
  • A perfect addition to your home, not just as a practical and usable piece, but as a decor accent and a keepsake too, which you can pass down to your future generations as a priceless heirloom.
  • When you gift silver, it shows your love and care for the gift recipients as silver is an asset and hence your loved ones are getting a gift that keeps on rising in value over time and making a valuable addition to their portfolio.

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