Flower Motif Fluted Silver Jug Set

  • Vintage Flower Motif Fluted Silver Jug Set perfect for antique to contemporary and eclectic interiors exhibiting charm and magnificence.
  • Readily customizable and assorted to tailor to your needs, this solid silver jug set comes with a pair of glasses and a tray complementing each other perfectly.
  • A decorative pattern on the tray inspired by the blooms of the spring is featured on the sides of the tray symbolizing the freshness and distinctiveness of a flower.
  • Silver comes with sophistication and when you grace your and your friend’s and family’s home with this vintage silver water pitcher, you not only get a functional and practical silverware that can act as a decorative element and with time all the stories it carries with it can be passed down as a treasured heirloom.

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