Victorian Round Silver Serving Plate

  • Of the most ornate kind, this splendid silver plate from Beliram entails a baroque culinary escapade, the likes of which were hitherto the prerogative of princes and kings.
  • Baroque adornments, conceived with an utmost knack for replication of the most svelte and dainty accoutrements that constitute the Renaissance Revival architecture, adorn the extremities, which evoke nothing awes of admiration and stupefaction.
  • The plate’s oblong physique assumes mainstay at the center whereas it tapers off towards the edges. Shimmering motifs, conceived with a persnickety zeal to detail, adorn the peripheries.
  • Generous application of veneer endows the silver plate with its astounding shimmer; on the contrary, the ornate intricacies infuse the silver plate with unprecedented gravitas and elegance that an endeavour of this kind warrants.

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